Call for Proposals

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The Call for Proposals is now closed.

Thank you for your great submissions. We'll be in touch soon!

Join a cohort of world-class presenters and facilitators.

Benefits of presenting at Interaction 24 include:

  • Professional development
  • Visibility and recognition within the industry
  • Networking with your peers
  • Collaborating with others and expanding your own perspectives as you produce your material and present it to audiences from the IxDA community

The world will be your stage as you present to audiences both in-person and online.

Giorgia Lupi is presenting keynote at Interaction 20

Key dates

  • 01 Jul: Call for presenters and workshop facilitators opens
  • 18 Sep: Call for presenters and workshop facilitators closes
  • 20 Oct: Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified

Events and formats

Education Summit 2020 in Milan

Education Summit | 26 Feb 2024

The summit brings together educators, learners, practitioners, and industry to share knowledge and experience and discuss the current state and future of interaction design education.

This year, we’re looking for short 10-min talks for the Education Summit.

As presenters at the Education Summit, you’ll get:

  • Access to the Education Summit
  • An Interaction 24 conference ticket
  • Documentation by our photographers and a video of your talk

If you are interested in submitting your talk for Education Summit, please get in touch at

Workshops | 27 Feb 2024

We're looking for 2 different formats for the workshops:

  • Half-day workshop (3.5 hours)
  • Full day workshop (7 hours)

As workshop facilitators, you’ll get

  • An Interaction 24 conference ticket
  • 50% of the proceeds from the sale of tickets to your workshop
  • Documentation of your session by our photographers
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Conference | 28 Feb - 1 Mar 2024

We’re looking for 2 different formats for the conference:

  • 10-minute talk
  • 20-minute talk

As presenters at the conference, you’ll get:

  • An Interaction 24 conference ticket
  • An honorarium
  • Documentation by our photographers and a video of your talk

While we will be offering a hybrid experience for Interaction 24, we would like to invite all presenters and workshop facilitators to be in person. Wherever this will not be possible, we are happy to consider hybrid solutions, and will work with you to curate an excellent speaking experience.

Breaking down our themes

Interaction 24 Theme icon  for Revisit


The first theme is about reflecting on what we’ve done so far as it relates to designers, our processes, and our solutions.

We will explore what has worked well in the past, and how we’ve improved and evolved our thinking.

This will allow us to harness our knowledge and experiences, and make sure we're not repeating the mistakes of the past, as we look to the future.

Interaction 24 Theme icon for Reframe


The second theme is about digging deeper, exploring ways to make sure that we are indeed understanding and solving the right problems.

We will explore how we use design to break down, rethink, and set goals for addressing the daunting and wicked problems facing us in 2024 and beyond.

Interaction 24 Theme Regenerate icon


The third theme is about looking beyond sustainability as our objective. It’s no longer sufficient to merely maintain the status quo. Instead, we need to focus on regeneration – fixing the damage we have created – as a critical part of moving forward.

We will explore how design can (and must) take a much broader perspective, embracing systems thinking and frameworks and constructs that extend beyond balancing users’ and business needs. We’ll get a sense of what the world can look like in the future.

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What we’re looking for

Each Interaction Week, we consider many aspects when selecting our presenters and facilitators– elements that are important to our community, our audience, and our beliefs. This means that we have tough choices to make about the outstanding content our community has to offer. To give your presentation proposal its best shot, here is a list of what we will be looking for.

Presentation requirements:

  • Broad, diverse, different - we want ideas that speak to designers as a broad community, where anyone can take something away. Our application form asks for optional criteria that will not be shared with our peer-reviewers in the evaluation process, but will be useful for achieving diversity in the final program.
  • New perspectives – we want presentations that are insightful. Similar to comedy routines; they might shine a light on something we might already know or believe in, in a way that challenges us and our perspectives. (Don’t worry, there’s no need to be funny. Seriousness is appreciated too.)
  • New voices – if you’ve never presented before, we’re especially interested in hearing from you! First-time presenters and facilitators are welcome, as are non-native English speakers! If you’ve never spoken in public before, fret not. Our team is open to 1:1 coaching with you. We’re also open to you presenting your talk in your first language if it’s not English. Don't worry if you're not confident in writing your proposal in English. We'll handle the translation work.

We encourage you to think about the accessibility of your presentation and/or workshop as we will have closed captioning available. If your idea is selected, we will collaborate with you to refine your presentation to the highest level of excellence.

Evaluation criteria:

To recap, these are the questions we’ll be asking as we evaluate your proposal:

  • Are there clear outcomes and key takeaways that participants will get out of the session?
  • Does the session speak to one or more of our conference audiences?
  • Does the session offer something interesting, useful, innovative, or important to the event?
  • Does the session support presenting and amplifying diverse voices in our community?
  • Does your idea align with the overall theme(s)?
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The curation process

Your proposal is reviewed by members of the IxDA community - our selection committee.

We review on the basis of quality, speaker experience, and how well the proposal aligns with other presentations to create a narrative, keeping in mind our overall aim: diversity of perspectives.

Our selection committee will be looking for alignment to our themes, as well as how compelling your idea is—your idea doesn’t need to be perfect or ‘finished’, but you’ll need to have put enough thought into it for the session to be engaging.

Video (optional)

We highly encourage proposals to come with a short 45-90 second summary video where you introduce yourself and pitch your idea. A good idea might be to bring some friends over and present to them. This part is not strictly necessary, but it will help us evaluate your skills as a presenter. 

You can film this with your phone or a webcam and there is no need for any post-production or major editing. If you’ll have accompanying slides, Loom is a great solution. Of course, if you already have one, you can also link an online presentation.

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Get ready to prepare your submission

This is a summary of the key things you will need to prepare for your proposal:

  • Title of your session
  • Length of talk, type of content, and audience experience level
  • Description of your session and how it relates to the conference theme(s)
  • Three key takeways you'd like the audience to remember
  • An abstract or teaser (a short, public-facing summary of your session)
  • Your experience as a presenter generally, and in giving this talk
  • The details of any co-presenters you have
  • Any other specific needs you have

You can download a Google Doc outline of the application form to help you prepare.

Please note that we accept applications and presentations in whichever language you are most comfortable communicating in. (We also have a translated copy of the application form in Mandarin.)

Once your proposal is submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email – make sure you check your spam folder if you don't find a message in your inbox! Once selected, we’ll provide the support you need to deliver an excellent session.


You do. If successful, the license is in perpetuity to distribute online via IxDA channels.

Absolutely, just let us know by sending an email to

Due to the volume of submissions we’ll receive, we are unable to offer extensions. 

Absolutely – we love people sharing the stage and co-presenting. Just add other presenters’ details in the ‘Additional info?’ field.

Have other questions?

Shoot us an email at
Note that we also help presenters in shaping their proposals so their content fits the conference and the audience.
Please feel free to share this with other colleagues who might be interested in submitting a proposal.

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